FLCKOREA 에는 다년간 한국인을 대상으로한 영어교육 경험을 가지고 있는 능력있는 티쳐들이 현장에서 얻어진 자기만의 노하우를 가지고 학습에 임하고 있습니다.
강사별로 커리큘럼을 나누어 체계적이고 효율적으로 1:1 영어회화 교육을 진행하고 있습니다.
. 일반영어 (General English)
. 쥬니어영어 (Junior English)
. 비지니스영어 (Business English)
. 면접영어 (Interview English)
티 쳐
 체리 (일반영어, 쥬니어영어,면접영어)
 Age : 28
 Education : Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in English, Saint Vincent De Paul College(2003)  
  • Enthusiastic, motivated, and highly professional instructor with extensive experience instructing English  to Koreans.
  • Highly skilled online instructor with over four (4) years experience working with Korean firms.
  • Experienced in use of professional educational software.
  • Dedicated to passionate and vibrant teaching as a means of creating and nurturing a lifelong love of knowledge in children.
티 쳐
 제이드 (일반영어, 비즈니스영어)
 Age : 24
 Education : University of Makati ,Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English(2008)
  • July 20 2008 up to present, EEP Phone System Inc. English Instructor
  • teaching English for the Koreans
  • maintaining and improving student's english skills and grades
티 쳐
 베넬다 (일반영어, 쥬니어영어, 비즈니스영어)
 Age : 26
 Education : Bachelor of Psychology, New Era University(2003)
  • EF International Language Center, English Instructor
  • Prepare lesson plan for individual students
  • Check given homework especially their written diary
  • Prepare examination on the first day of the week
  • Teaching pronunciation and accent reduction
티 쳐
 데스 (일반영어, 비즈니스 영어,면접영어)
 Age : 22
 Education : College Polytechnic University of the Philippines,Bachelor of Arts in Filipinology minor in             Mass Communication Mabini Campus Sta. Mesa, Manila(2009)
  • EF International Language Center, English teacher
  • Develop the student's four communication skills: speaking, writing,
  • reading and listening using English language Teaches grammar and correct pronunciation
티 쳐
 가이 (일반영어, 쥬니어영어)
 Age : 26
 Education : Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations,Polytechnic University of the Philippines(2005)
  • KNK Live On-line Communications Inc.,English On-line tutor
  • Teach Koreans to achieve English fluency, using conversational lesson styles on-line.
티 쳐
 쥴리아 (일반영어, 비즈니스영어)
 Age : 27
 Education : Bachelor of Civil Engineering University of San Agustin, Iloilo City(1997 )
  • EEP. Phone English System, Inc. English Teacher (2007-Present)
  • Responsible to call every student in Korea and take up lesson with
  • Each of them according to specified online books
  • Responsible to teach students correct English grammar, usage,
  • Pronunciation, and diction
  • Responsible to enhance the students' knowledge and skills to be proficient English speakers
티 쳐
 다이즈 (일반영어, 쥬니어영어)
 Age : 24
 Education : Bachelor of Broadcast Communication, Polytechnic
  • University of the Philippines Sta. Mesa, Manila(2006)
  • E-Learning English tutor,U-ENAI, Inc.
티 쳐
 라구엘 (일반영어, 비즈니스영어,면접영어)
 Age : 25
 Education : Bachelor of Early Childhood Education,
  • Philippine Normal University Taft Avenue, Manila(2007)
  • Man-to-Man Korean English tutor, K-GLOBAL.NET EZ ENGLISH BANK
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주소 : 서울시 금천구 벚꽃로 298 대륭포스트타워 1907호(통신판매업신고:제2010-서울강남-00477호)
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